School Meals

School Meals are cooked on site by our outsourced catering provider. There is a choice of food available everyday; cooks choice, pasta, jacket potato. We ensure any religious dietary requirements are catered for. Other pupils may require special diets and we are happy to make individual arrangements for them. However, we do require medical advice to support us in ensuring we are providing the correct food. Please provide this information to the school office. For more support, advice can be sought from the school nurse and feeding and swallowing referals can be made, at annual reviews or via the class team, to our Speech and Language Therapists (for more information, see the 'Speeach and Language' page within our 'Support for Learning' pages).

Pupils may bring a packed lunch if you/ they prefer. A healthy packed lunch is vital to ensure your child gets enough energy and nutrients to last the rest of the school day. A healthy packed lunch should contain a balance of foods.


We have recently introduced a new cashless payment system in our school. In order to access this, you will need to download the FREE School Spider App. Details on how to create or access this can be found in our 'Online Payment' page. The app contains a secure online payment system. It can help parents pay for items in a secure and flexible manner and it helps you manage your payments simply, providing peace of mind, and enables you to keep up to date with your payments and balances.

Free School Meals

You may be entitled to Free School Meals. Manchester City Council website has a link where you can check your eligibility. Alternatively, we can check it for you. Please complete the letter below and hand into the office.



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