Mission Statement

Lancasterian School Mission Statement

Inspiring each other and growing together to achieve our best

Inspire – Grow – Achieve


Lancasterian School Aims

  • To provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment, where each child can grow to their full potential, not only academically but also socially, emotionally and physically.
  • To treat each child as an individual, delivering a curriculum that grows and adapts to meet the needs of every child by nurturing lively, enquiring and questioning minds.
  • To listen to the voice of the child at every opportunity.
  • To celebrate and share all successes’ and achievements.
  • To nurture and develop relationships between pupils, staff and families.
  • To encourage kindness, respect and consideration for others.
  • To encourage our pupils, staff, families and governors to engage in positive, open communication with each other and the local community.
  • To work together to provide an integrated service and the best possible outcomes for the child and family.
  • To develop a lifelong love of learning and motivation to understand the world we live in to prepare them for all aspects of life.