Benefits and Outcomes


'So why bother to Travel Train then?'


Promotes independence

The young people learn to travel on their own


Develops confidence and self esteem

Fears are conquered and the young people feel good about themselves.


Promotes positive road safety skills

The young people become more aware of the dangers of crossing the road and are given the skills to do so safely.


Widening social circles (after school activities, clubs & cinema)

Once trained, the young person can then use those skills to get around more using public transport and enjoy a more active social life.


Promotes positive interaction with friends and family

Family and friends can become involved in the training and benefit from the young person’s achievements.


Greater awareness of surrounding environment

Part of the training encourages the young people to be more alert to what is going on around them and how to keep themselves safe.


Builds upon their practical and social skills

Travel Training provides a great place to learn skills such as finding their way around and speaking up for themselves.


Develops communication skills

Who to ask, how to ask and even why it’s good to ask for what you need.


Develops responsibility for themselves

Timekeeping and responsibility are important parts of the training.