Physiotherapy - a partnership between therapist, parents, child and school.

The physiotherapy team is made up of specialist children’s physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants who work with the pupils in school who have been  referred to our service. We aim to help children achieve their maximum physical potential, to improve their functional abilities, to maintain a good position through postural management and to minimise the effects of their disability. Each child on our caseload is individually assessed, a treatment plan is developed and goals are set which are reviewed regularly.

The physiotherapy treatment may involve advice on positioning in seats or wheelchairs, advise on moving and handling, provision of splinting, standing frames and walking equipment, and individually tailored exercise programme to develop strength, balance and co-ordination. This therapy may be in individual sessions, group sessions, class based programmes, hydrotherapy or a combination of these.

We work closely with other specialist therapists in school to improve the pupil’s ability to integrate into the school environment.

After school and during school holidays the physiotherapist may visit the children and parents in their own homes to review equipment and therapy programmes.