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We are looking for new members for our Eco Council.  If your child is interested in joining us then remind them to ask their teacher for an application form or to look on the Eco Board.    Applications are now closed!

Watch this space for upcoming news about our new eco Council members.  Our students made life very tricky showing their passion for this area of their learning.

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The Eco Council is looking for a parent to join them. You don't need to attend every meeting you need to have a passion for helping school to become more environmentally friendly, to help us to build on the steps we started last year and to help our children's voices be heard.  If you are interested then please drop a note in your child's home school book, contact school office or email school.


Don't forget you can recyle your batteries in school. Please send them into school and we will add themto our box which will then be returned to a specialised facility.  If you have a printer at home we can recyle your used printer cartidges.  We get paid a small amount for each cartridge we return.  Finally, at the front of school we have clothes recyling bank.  If you have any old clothes then send them to school in a bag and we can add them to the clothing bank


Some members of our Eco Council wrote letters to ask some of our local businesses if they were able to help us with our gardening project now that we have some planters.



Thank you so much to our local B&Q for your very gnerous donation. Watch out for our images of us planting our seeds. B&Q.jpg

Both our Eco councils have met today (16th January 2024) and have been very busy.  Our Primary children have used recycled Tea cups to make bird feeders for our birds during this cold snap.  They have used a range of ingredients to make a nutritious meal for the birds.  They stirred, measured and took turns amazingly well.
Meanwhile our high school children considered whether our cleaning products were environmentally friendly.  We discovered that you would need "copious" amounts of water to clean your eyes if you got them in your eyes, that the containers were sometimes made from recycled materials but were only partially recycled themselves.  Different members of the councils have gone away to research what environmentally products are available and how much they cost. 
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Logo.JPGThe Big Plastic Count    11th - 17th March
These planters were created by Emerge and are fully accessible planters for all our students.  Not only are they are amazing resource for school but they are made from recycled wood.  What more could an Eco Committee have asked for?  Birch Class have grown these Spring onions from seed and transplanted them out into the planters.  We look shall enjoy watching them grow and hope to taste some amazing onions in the early summer.