Speech and Language

Lancasterian School provides a range of Speech & Language Therapy services for pupils. We focus on the development of speech, language and communication skills for all pupils across Primary & High School.

This means we recognise the importance of using a range of communication strategies, including: speech, text, voice output, manual signs/gestures, symbols, pictures, tactile references and objects of reference.

Speech & Language Therapy input helps identify the most appropriate communication system/strategy for individual pupils and supports staff and pupils to use any combination of these strategies to develop their speech, language and communication.

WHO are our Speech & Language Therapists?

We currently have a school-based Specialist Speech & Language Therapist with additional sessions provided through the Manchester NHS Speech & Language Therapy team.

WHAT services do our Speech & Language Therapists provide?

To find out more about our Speech & Language Therapy Intervention Plans, click the link below.

To explore practical ideas for developing speech, language & communication skills, explore our Speech & Language Therapy page within CLASSES.


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