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Teaching and Learning in Key Stages One and Two
Here at Lancasterian School Key Stages One and Two generally consists of an age range between 5 and 11 years old.

Key Stage One
Key Stage One teaching and learning is based on the National Curriculum framework with Year 1 pupils continuing to consolidate the Early Learning Goals in the Autumn Term. The National Curriculum key skills have been mapped across a 4 year topic cycle and grouped into subject areas; English, Maths, People and Places, Explore and Investigate, Creative, Physical Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education.

A typical day at Key Stage One level would involve English and Maths taking place in the morning. These are broken by a snack and outdoor playtime, snack time is seen as a learning opportunity and this is typically around Personal, social, health and citizenship targets. The afternoon begins with a reading session and this is then followed by one or two other curriculum subjects. Key Stage One join with the Early Years Foundation Stage on two afternoons each week in order to enable the pupils to be grouped for Physical Education and Creative.

A range of teaching and learning styles are used in order to meet the needs of the pupils. Group times are 15-30 minutes in length dependent of the pupils and the subject, pupils are grouped by need where appropriate. Following group times pupils take part in adult led focus activities alongside planned continuous provision activities where the pupils are encouraged to consolidate and extend their learning and pursue their own interests. Each pupil also has an Individual Learning Plan for English, Maths and Personal, social, emotional and citizenship education, pupils work on these targets in a one to one or small group setting. There is direct access from the classroom to a covered outdoor area where activities can also take place.

Each pupil has an English, Maths and Topic book in which their learning is recorded. This recording takes the form of observations, annotated photos, activity and Individual Learning Plan recording sheets and the pupils work. A wide range of people are encouraged to contribute to these records including teaching assistants, parents and wider professionals.

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their learning and achievements and state whether they have achieved the objective or need more support. Alongside the Citizen and Star of the week awards used across school pupils are also given verbal praise, stickers and other small prizes and notes of their achievements are made to parents through the home-school diary.

Key Stage 2
Each of our classes at the Key Stage Two level of schooling has, a Class Teacher, a team of Teaching Assistants and a link Physiotherapist supporting our children. We also work closely with the school Speech and Language Therapy team, Occupational Therapist and School Nurse in order to ensure our children are comfortable, safe, have appropriate resources and thereby have the best possible opportunity to access the curriculum on offer.

Every child at Key Stage Two receives daily lessons in English and Mathematics. They also all spend time each week with a teacher or a teaching assistant focusing on their individual learning programmes (ILP’s) in English, Maths and ICT. Since September 2011 we have been trialling a creative approach to teaching the other curriculum subjects such as History, Geography, Science etc. Each half term the whole department focuses on a theme such as ‘Amazing Animals’. The class teachers plan this topic together to ensure that there are lots of fun challenging activities for the children to engage in, as well as ensuring that there is opportunity to explore the objectives for each of the curriculum areas. So far this approach of linking learning and revisiting themes and information in different lessons seems to be working for our pupils.

Every child at Key Stage Two level also gets some opportunity to work with their non disabled peers. Once a week children from St Ambrose Primary School on Princess Parkway come to Lancasterian for the afternoon to join our Creative Thursday afternoon groups.

Lunchtimes are a busy time for pupils in Key Stage Two, for as well as having their lunch, each day they have at least two activities to choose from after their lunch in addition to choosing to ‘play out’. A new initiative this year has meant that our senior pupils are now also offering to run lunchtime clubs for the younger pupils and our Key Stage Two pupils are really enjoying the Music, DVD and Board Games clubs in particular so far.

There are always interesting visitors visiting and/or exciting visits being organised for our pupils by their teachers. This year so far we have been visited by the ‘hedgehog lady from Withington’, welcomed the ‘Whizz Kidz’ trainers into school to do some wheelchair skills training, been out to the ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’, ‘Pets at Home’, and ‘Jump Space’, to name a few.

Finally, we share/celebrate our pupils’ achievements publicly each week in our Friday afternoon Primary assembly. Every class has opportunity to nominate their class ‘Star of the Week’ and also to name their ‘Citizen of the Week’. We also celebrate pupils’ birthdays at this time each week and award our attendance cup to the class who has achieved the highest attendance that week. A fitting end to a week of hard work and fun for all!

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