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Miss Gove

Welcome to Lavender Class!

As we are off school at the moment, I will be using this space to share some ideas and activities that you can do at home to keep you busy. 

Stay safe and have fun!


Happy Friday! Who can remember what the colour of the day is? Here is our song.


Today in school we are doing P.E so let's get active!

This session focuses on your child dancing along and copying the movements from various dance videos. 

Here are some links to different dance videos. Some simple versions are GoNoodle with simple movements, my favourite video is Poppin bubbles and if you wanted you could use some real bubbles for your child to pop along with. 

Some more complex videos are Just Dance, they require more complex and quicker movements however there is a better variety of songs and up to date music all of which are child friendly. 

Or you could try a more traditional kid friendly workout or even a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure if you want a more relaxed session with simpler movements. 

Our school are also members of Jasmine PE. You can follow this link  and use these details to login and try some of the activities at home: Username: lancasterian21 Password: high0602

Fine motor

It's time to get those fingers moving, today we are going to do some threading. You will need a piece of string or shoelace and some pasta pieces/mints or something with a hole in the middle of it. Watch my video here and see if you can follow along. 


In Maths we have been looking at shapes in our environment. Watch Caitlin's video here as she finds different shapes in her house and see which shapes you can find in yours! 

Turtle song

In Lavender class we love to sing . Watch Ash sing one of our favourites the turtle song


Here is our good morning song to start our day.

Dough disco

Today in school we are doing dough disco. For this session you will need some playdough. Here is a recipe to make it 

  • 8 tbsp plain flour
  • 2 tbsp table salt
  • 60ml warm water
  • food colouring
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

Watch the dough disco video here and encourage your child to follow along with the movements.

Bubble wrap painting

In Lavender class we enjoy exploring new textures. Today we are going to explore some bubble wrap and do some bubble wrap print painting. I have attached a bear outline which you can use to link to our Goldilocks and the three bears story. Allow your child time to explore the bubble wrap first and talk about the texture eg 'bumpy,rough,loud'.

Encourage your child to dip the bubble wrap in the paint and then print it on the paper. Do they watch as they print on the paper? Do they notice the pattern they make?

Pleae do not worry if you haven't got any bubble wrap in the house, You can use anything to do some print painting, talk about the texture of whichever item you use.

Number songs 

Today in class we are going to be doing some counting. Watch our 10 green bottles video and follow along. Have a try with your child at home, you don't have to use 10 bottles, 10 items are great.encourage your child to take one away each time.


Today we are having our live good morning session. I have sent you all a link on zoom, if you have any problems let me know - hope you will all be able to join us!

Soft play

This morning is our soft play day so let’s get active!

Here are some links to different dance videos, some simple versions are GoNoodle with simple movements, my favourite video is Poppin bubbles and if you wanted you could use some real bubbles for your child to pop along with.

Some more complex videos are Just Dance, they require more complex and quicker movements however there is a better variety of songs and up to date music all of which are child friendly. Or if you want a more relaxed session try Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 

Potato bear prints

In school we have been reading Goldilocks and three bears watch our story here and follow along. After this we are going to do some potato bear printing. I have attached a photo of how to do it. You can choose lots of different colours and explore and have some fun!


Here is our good morning song for Tuesday. Can you find 3 things in your house that are the colour of the day? Take a picture and send me them!

Mark making

In school, Lavender class enjoy making marks in different textures. Please don't go out and buy any materials, whatever you have in the house will be great!


Flour/Pasta/Oats/Shaving foam/Lentils/Sand/Soil

Choose one of these textures and put ideally on a flat surface e.g table/tray. Allow your child to explore the materials. Are they watching their fingers as they make movements? Can they draw a circle? Can they draw draw a dot? What about the number 1? Can they copy what movements you make? Comment on your child's movements for example 'wow you have drawn a line'. 

Watch my video here of some mark making ideas.


Today in our Maths session we are going to look at shapes. Listen to our favourite shape song here and at the bottom of the page is a picture of our tuff tray. Encourage your child to find shapes around the house and see if they can do some matching.


This session focuses on increasing your child’s ability to regulate themselves while encouraging interaction and communication with you.

You will need: a blanket/duvet, some calming music, some moisturising cream (optional)

What to do: Lay a blanket or duvet on the floor, turn the lights off or use a small lamp, choose some calming music (this is my favourite, but you could choose something different) and use your hands to rub their hands, arms and/or feet. You could also use some moisturiser cream. There is very little verbal communication involved in this activity but your child should communicate with you by looking intently at you, pulling your hand towards a body part, giving you a body part, asking for more cream and/or rubbing your hands. Enjoy this quiet interaction with your child.

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