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Welcome to Lavender Class!

As some of us are off school at the moment, I will be using this space to share some ideas and activities that you can do at home to keep you busy. 

This week is sports week 2020. Please see the website home page for some fun activities you can do at home!


Can you go outside and make different shapes from different objects?

Can you make a triangle out of sticks

Can you make a circle from stones

Can you make a square from leaves

Mark making

In school, Lavender class enjoy making marks in different textures. Please don't go out and buy any materials, whatever you have in the house will be great!





Shaving foam



Colour matching

Can you play a colour matching game? Using coloured bowls/baskets or make your own using boxes or chairs, label each one with a different colour

Can you throw the ball into the right bowl/basket?

Can you match the colours?


Can you find

A toy with wheels

4 things that are blue

A book with numbers in it

5 lego pieces that are all different 

Floating and sinking

Fill a bowl with water. 

Can you collect 5 different objects from your house. Put them in the water and watch. Do they float or sink to the bottom of the bowl?

Fine motor

Create a colourful necklace using pasta and paints. 

Can you paint different pasta pieces?

Can you thread the pasta onto some string?


Can you pop the bubbles with your finger/nose/foot

Can you ask for more/finished bubbles 

Can you blow 3 big bubbles

Can you see big and little bubbles 

Let's get messy! 

Today why not make and explore homemade bubble foam. All you need is water, liquid soap/shampoo and washable paint. Pour a little water into a bowl, add some soap/shampoo and paint and then whisk to whip it all into bubbly coloured foam. (electric whisks have best results) Then have fun!

Can you build something with lego?

A boat

A house

A car

A castle


Let's have some fun with ice!

Can you find 2 small things in the house and freeze them in water?

When they are frozen can you bash the ice to get the toys?

What happens if you add some food colouring?

What happens to the ice when you leave it in the garden?

Colour hunt

Can you find 5 green things in your house and take a picture of them?

Can you find 3 red things in your house?

How many yellow things can you find?



Please send your photos to me, we would love to see the fun things you are getting up to!

Stay safe and have fun!


Please look at the downloads below for some good IPAD apps, websites and other activities.


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