Elm 2019 - 2020


Elm Class Teacher




Welcome to Elm Class!


Welcome back after our Easter break. I will now be uploading work again each day whilst the school closure continues. One piece of work will be uploaded each day. 


Please go to the pupil log in at the top of the website to find homework. The login for the pupil page will be your child's first name for both username and password. If your child has a name with less than 5 letters I will also include the first letter of their last name. There is a new verification code needed for some logins this is - 117303.


A document with free resources and logins is on the website indefinitely. I have also added an information guide for how to use scrapbook on your child's pupil page which will allow you to share documents, photos, and videos of what your child has been up to. I can leave my own comments too to respond to you. Helping us keep in touch as much as possible. Please take a look. 


Any problems with anything please email me. I have sent out emails previous so you should all have my email address from there. 


Stay safe, look after each other and try to have fun!

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