Elm 2022 - 2023

Mrs Morris

Class teacher

Welcome to Elm Class!

TODAY'S (04.03.21) LEARNING:

Every morning we start our school day with a ‘Morning Routine’.
We sing a hello song to each child, then a days of the week song and a weather song. Please follow the links and use the resources in your pack to do this session with your child in readiness for the rest of the activities below. 

Today we would have been doing a music and massage session, art session and an extra cooking session.

Music and massage

This session focuses on increasing your child’s ability to regulate themselves while encouraging interaction and communication with you.

For the session you will need a blanket or duvet, some relaxing music and some moisturising cream which is optional. First place the blanket on the floor, turn off the lights and play your relaxing music, this is the music we use in class but you can choose something different. Next massage your child's hand, arm or feet, you can use the moisturiser if you like. There is very little verbal communication involved with this activity however your child could communicate to you by looking intently at you, pulling you hand towards a body part, giving you a body part, asking for more cream and/or rubbing your hands. We hope you enjoy this quiet interaction with your child.


Tissue paper tortoise

You will need:

Paper plate
Brightly coloured tissue paper
Green felt tip pen or crayon
Template for head, arms, legs and tail (if you don’t want to draw them yourself)

Step 1. Cut pieces of different colours of tissue paper into squares or rectangles. You may need your grown up to help you with the scissors during this activity.

Step 2. Glue these coloured squares on to the underside of your paper plate.

Step 3. Cut out your tortoise head, arms, legs and tail.

Step 4. Colour the head, arms, legs and tail in with your green felt top pen or crayon.

Step 5. Glue or sellotape the head, arms, legs and tail to your tortoises body.

Step 6. Draw a pair of eyes on to your tortoises face (or you could use plastic googly eyes if you happen to have them).

Step 7. If you choose you could paint over the coloured squared body with another coat of pva glue to protect your artwork and also make it a little shinier! 

Please find visuals at the bottom of the page.

Story session

For this session have your child sit somewhere comfortable and enjoy watching this video link of the story Zog. We hope you enjoy the story.

These are the YouTube links for the song visuals you have in your home learning packs in case you want to have your own singing session:
5 little ducks
5 little men in a flying saucer
10 fat sausages
10 green bottles 

There are also some additional files attached below which you might find useful. 

Stay Safe,

Elm class team

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