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Welcome to Elm Class!

TODAY'S (19.01.21) LEARNING:

Every morning we start our school day with a ‘Morning Routine’.
We sing a hello song to each child, then a days of the week song and a weather song. Please follow the links and use the resources in your pack to do this session with your child in readiness for the rest of the activities below.

Today we would have been doing an Attention Autism session and music in school. You will find details below of how to join in or alternatives for remote learning. There will also be a live zoom session (please find the link in your emails) for today at 11:40am where you can join the class for our singing session.

Attention Autism

Attention Autism aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. It also develops attention skills from engaging to joint attention to shared enjoyment and focus on adult led activities. Please find the full rational in the ‘files to download’ section below.

To join in with session at home you will need: pen and paper, a bucket, a motivating item, a cloth, flour and one or more containers.

Watch the video and copy Ben’s session. For stage 1 you will need: a bucket and motivating item. For stage 2 you will need: a bowl, washing up liquid and a straw. During stage 2 comment on the size and quantity of the bubbles using words like big, small, lots, one, two, more.

Live singing session 

Please use the zoom link sent out in your emails to join the class for a live singing session at 11:40am today. The resources you will need for this are in your home learning pack.


Please use the video links below to join in with Rachel, our talented musical teaching assistant, to explore attention, rhythm, repetition and emotions through music.

Hello song - encourage your child to move along to the music and become familiar with the song. If you have any musical instruments (tamborines, maraccas etc) then encourage them to use these- especially at the climax of the song at the end!
Happy and sad song exploring the emotions of happy and sad - whilst listening to this song encourage your child to identify both the 'happy' parts of the song and the 'sad' parts of the song through gesture and movements. Help them differentiate between the two emotions.
Calm and relax - This is the last song this week. This is an opportunity for some calm and relax time. Encourage your child to become relaxed to the music through sensory toys/lights you have at home or give them a massage to help them process the calming nature of the music.

There are also some additional files attached below which you might find useful.

Stay Safe,

The Elm Class Team


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