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Welcome to Lancasterian

Lancasterian School is a specialist communication education establishment dedicated to teaching and supporting children.

Hello and welcome to the Lancasterian Organisation website. The Lancasterian Organisation is made up of Lancasterian School (School for children 3-16 who have physical, complex medical and or complex communication difficulties with an intake of children from throughout the Manchester area), alongside the school the Organisation encompasses the following Services:

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Lancasterian School 
Alison Randall, Headteacher

Independence Development Service (IDS)
Steve Lord, Temporary Team Manager


Lancasterian Outreach and Inclusion Service (LOIS)
Julie Chester, Manager

Lancasterian Travel Training Partnership (LTTP)
Kevin Northrop, Team Manager

Lancasterian Sensory Support Service (LSSS)
Tony Bowyer,  Head of LSSS