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Welcome to Lancasterian


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Lancasterian School is a specialist communication education establishment dedicated to teaching and supporting children.


Hello and welcome to our website. In my role as Executive Head Teacher I am able to work alongside Lancasterian School Head Teacher, Katie Cass and with Lead Managers of the Services we manage on behalf of Manchester City Council (MCC). 


The Lancasterian Organisation now includes Lancasterian School (School for children 2-16 who have physical, complex medical and or complex communication difficulties and takes children throughout the Manchester area), alongside the school the organisation encompasses the following Services:


Independence Development Service (IDS)
Avril Regan, Team Manager

Lancasterian Outreach and Inclusion Service (LOIS)
Ann Sullivan & Julie Chester, Managers

Lancasterian Travel Training Partnership (LTTP)
Kevin Northrop, Team Manager

Lancasterian Sensory Support Service (LSSS)
Helen MacDougall, Head of LSSS


The School and the Services aim to treat all our pupils with the respect and dignity they deserve and working in partnership with families and carers help the pupils achieve their potential in becoming equal citizens in our society.


With regards to Lancasterian, I would welcome and encourage those reading to visit Lancasterian School and the Services occupying this site, if you have not already done so. The internal £2.5 million refurbishment continues to inspire and delight those who work for and visit Lancasterian, not least because of the high level of education and enjoyment we continue to deliver in our School. Our website is designed to offer links to the School and each of the Services and we would welcome feedback on how we can help improve the information provided.

Dave Calvert: Executive Head Teacher


Purchased Licences for Lancasterian :

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML)

Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

Education Recording Agency (ERA)

Public Video Screening Licence (PVSL)

Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC)

Performing Rights Society (PRS)

Phonic Performance Limited (PPL) 2014/15