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Welcome to Lancasterian


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Lancasterian School is a specialist communication education establishment dedicated to teaching and supporting children.

Hello and welcome to the Lancasterian Organisation website. The Lancasterian Organisation is made up of Lancasterian School (School for children 3-16 who have physical, complex medical and or complex communication difficulties with an intake of children from throughout the Manchester area), alongside the school the Organisation encompasses the following Services:

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Independence Development Service (IDS)
Steve Lord, Temporary Team Manager

Lancasterian Outreach and Inclusion Service (LOIS)
Ann Sullivan & Julie Chester, Managers

Lancasterian Travel Training Partnership (LTTP)
Kevin Northrop, Team Manager

Lancasterian Sensory Support Service (LSSS)
Tony Bowyer,  Head of LSSS

Manchester City Council (MCC) commissions Lancasterian to manage these services on behalf of MCC. As with the school, each of these services have a City wide remit. The School and the Services aim to treat all our pupils with the respect and dignity they deserve. There is also a deep commitment to working in partnership with families and carers so that the pupils achieve their potential in becoming valued citizens within our society.

I would welcome and encourage those accessing our website to consider making a visit to Lancasterian School and the Services occupying this campus, if you have not already done so. The internal £2.5 million refurbishment continues to inspire and delight those who work for and visit Lancasterian, not least because of the high level of education and enjoyment we continue to deliver in our School and through the services we manage.