Vision Needs Support

Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS) Vision Needs team supports visually impaired children and their families across the city of Manchester. When a child is referred to MSSS we make contact with parents and visit the child at home, in a nursery or school setting. After the initial visit we decide which members of the team will be involved. The team is made up of Qualified Teachers for the Visually Impaired (QTVI), specialist Teaching Assistants (TA's), a Family Support worker and Qualified Paediatric Mobility and Rehabilitation Officers. We also have IT/Data Resource Officers who assist in new technologies and the production of resources alongside a Braille coordinator. The team has lead teachers for each of the following areas:

Preschool 0-3years
School age
Complex and additional needs

Our service provides organised events during the school day, after school and in the school holidays, which create opportunities for children with Hearing Needs and Vision Needs to meet.


     • If you, or anyone working with your child has a concern about your child's vision,

      please arrange for them to visit an optician before requesting a referral form from

      our Service.

     • We also receive information from Community orthoptist and Manchester Royal

     Eye Hospital (MREH) which may trigger a referral to the service.


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