Speech and Language MSS

Service information: 
The Manchester Sensory Support Service has a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. Children are referred internally by the Specialist Teachers of the Deaf. The SaLT is currently working 3 days across the resource bases.


What might the SaLT work on?

SaLTs will often look at communication as a whole and set targets for different areas that might impact on effective communication or cause communication breakdowns.

This might include working on:
• Listening and following instructions
• Playing and talking with other children
• Understanding what people say to them
• Saying sounds and talking clearly
• Using words in sentences
• Vocabulary


How does a SaLT work?

Children are assessed and targets are set and shared with the relevant Teachers. The SaLT will consider the student/child's level of hearing when making these targets, to ensure they are appropriate for their developmental stage, but also achievable in relation to hearing levels.

The SaLT can work in lots of different ways and this will depend on the child's current needs.


This might include:
• Regular sessions with the child
• Providing advice for teachers and other professionals 
• Providing a programme of work to be completed at home and school
• Training staff, parents/carers and other professionals
• Writing reports and liaising with other professionals



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