School Years

School Years - Hearing Needs
(Support for Children and young people of School age with hearing needs)



As Teachers of the Deaf and specialist teaching assistants we will:


  • Give advice to schools about the educational implications of your child's hearing loss.


  • Offer training to school staff about effective teaching strategies.


  • Provide direct teaching.


  • Assess your child's progress in language and listening skills and help school to set personalised learning programmes (PLPs).


  • Liaise with other professionals working with your child.


  • Provide technical support with regular visits to school to make sure your child's hearing equipment is working well.


  • Support the transition process when your child is moving school.


School Age - Vision Needs

(Children and young people of school age with vision needs)


Does your school aged child have a diagnosed vision condition?

Our Service assesses advises and teaches children with visual difficulties.

Our teachers and teaching assistants are specially trained in teaching and supporting children with visual needs and working with their schools.

We can train the staff in your child's school to help them understand how your child's vision affects their learning and what can be done to help.

The outcome, that is our aim, is for your child to have the opportunity to do well at school, thrive, be happy and grow into a confident independent young person.

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