Referrals Criteria


Every Student referred to I.D.S is assessed on an individual basis.

Students referred to the I.D.S are assessed by the staff for their potential to show significant progress within the structure of the Service.


This assessment is done through:

  • Considering the referral form 

  • Further enquiries being made at school and with other professionals 

  • Considering the outlook of the family towards independence

  • Observing the young person

 The whole team then decides if the persons' needs can be met by the Service. 


Referral Criteria for Young Disabled People:

•Students are resident in Manchester and attend an education establishment

•Students have a disability, that impacts on their ability to independently carry out day-to-day tasks.

•That the desired level of independence (outcomes) will show significant improvement and are achievable within the current structure of The I.D.S.

•Students are willing and cognitively able to access the Skills and Social Development Programmes currently offered.

•Parents/Carers agree to support the young person through the programmes offered, at The I.D.S and carry this on at home.

•In the current structure, The I.D.S is NOT able to accommodate any young person who requires one to one support or has behavioural issues.

Anyone can make a referral to The I.D.S taking the above into account.

Students without an EHCP are eligible to apply.

Please note that The I.D.S is NOT a respite care facility and The I.D.S cannot accommodate young people during school hours.


A copy of the IDS Referral Form can be requested by contacting The I.D.S.

 If you think a child would benefit from a placement at The I.D.S, or you would like to arrange to visit, contact us directly on 0161 795 1303 or email Steve Lord at

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