Placement at the IDS


Placements run for one evening a week for the length of the half school term. students are collected by Home to School Transport after school and brought directly to The I.D.S. Parents/carer are asked to collect students at 8.15pm.

Students are able to access up to 3 placements a year and can return year after year:

- until they reach 18yrs

- we feel they do not need us any more

- they do not wish to return


Placements are planned months in advance to attempt:

  • to get a balance of male and female young people

  • to balance higher and lower physical needs

  • to bring the young people in with someone they know

  • to widen their social circle/ make new friends

  • to ensure they can all be transported to /from school in reasonable         time

  • to make the placement an enjoyable experience for them all


A wide range of skills are developed including personal safety, budgeting money, road safety, domestics and cooking and, accessing social venues; all taught through practical experience.


The areas students work on at The I.D.S will not just help them gain more skills or enable them to do something new, such as make a hot drink or cook macaroni cheese.  By learning or developing a skill students will also improve their independence, build their self-confidence and, they are likely to make new friends too!

Lots of other practical everyday skills that are needed to live independently are also supported. These include making meal choices: cooking snacks: washing up: doing the laundry.


Because we know that taking responsibility, making decisions and learning to compromise in group settings are skills students may not always have the opportunity to practise, we help them develop these too.


Having face to face conversations and developing friendships, negotiating differences and co-operating with peers are also skills that we help support students with. 


We also give students lots of experiences to help to know how to keep themselves safe both in the community and on-line.


Throughout their placement, students will have real life experiences within safe places and environments with staff support and supervision to help build their strengths, capabilities and confidence.


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