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At Lancasterian we strive to develop partnerships with business and charities which benefit pupils on a long term basis. Our partners also engage in multiple projects to enhance community involvement and increase the breadth of experience for our pupils.  ‘We are very grateful for their support'

Whizz Kidz -  see our Wheelchair Skills and World of Work pages

Registered charity No. 802872 - England Wales No. 2444520 Scotland No. SC042607


‘Happy Town' Partnership
East Didsbury Store Parrs Wood
*  Community Volunteer project ‘Here to Help'. Tesco staff come to help with school maintenance/gardening/cleaning & general helping around school.
*  Half Termly Hamper donations of consumables.
*  Work placement opportunities for year 10/11 students.
 Charity & Community Grant schemes.
 Eat Happy & Farm to Fork projects helping pupils to learn about food and its origins.

Siemens support our students in the following ways:
 Providing Christmas entertainment at the Manchester site. Usually a Magic Show.
*  Funding presents from Santa for our pupils across school.
*  Providing Easter eggs for all in the Spring term.
 Occasionally hosting work placements in the office areas.

Manchester People First  We have had been working with MPF since 2012. They support us in the following ways:
*  By hosting work placements for our year 10/11 students.
*  By attending Student aspirations theme days and workshops.
*  Provide role models for our students who will come in to school to talk about their roles and how working is for them.

Registered charity No' 6339300 England . 1124426 Wales

School Links:
In school we regularly link with organisations and plan events. They are not committed to us for long term support, but pupils benefit enormously from these opportunities.

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