About: Outreach and Inclusion Service

What is LOIS?
LOIS provides advice, support and training to enable mainstream primary schools and high schools to meet the needs of their pupils with medical conditions and/or physical disabilities.

We are funded by Manchester Local Authority to provide a core and targeted offer of support to Manchester schools, including academies and free schools, but we are also able to support schools and other organisations outside the authority, particularly through training.

LOIS is an experienced, multi-disciplinary team based at Lancasterian School in South Manchester. The team includes specialist teachers and teaching assistants with access to specialist speech and language therapists and occupational therapists.

Why access LOIS?
We believe you want the best outcomes for your pupils with medical and physical needs.

We can help you achieve this with our advice and support.

We provide training and 1:1 consultancy around meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions and physical disabilities.

What are our aims?

We aim to empower staff in mainstream schools to confidently and effectively meet the needs of their pupils with medical conditions and/or physical disabilities. 

We provide advice, support and training so that pupils can:
access the physical school environment;
access their entitlement to the curriculum;
be fully included in all school activities and
take a full and active part in the life of the school.

LOIS is available to provide advice and support, on a consultancy basis, around the needs of specific pupils, by referral. LOIS has a core offer of support that is free to Manchester LA schools, academies and free schools.

LOIS additionally can provide targeted support to schools at a charge where the core is exceeded or where a school is out of authority.

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