Through home visits to families and work with education settings we provide information and strategies for development, including:

Multi Sensory Impairment

Children who have a Multi Sensory Impairment (MSI) have both a vision and hearing loss. Their sensory loss may be present at birth or acquired later.

Some of these children may also have medical, learning and physical disabilities.
MSI impacts on all areas of learning and children may need additional support to learn to communicate and develop socially. The Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS) works closely with the child or young person and their family, assessing:

     • how the child uses their residual vision and/or hearing, including the use of any

      glasses or hearing aids

     • development of communication through the use of objects of reference, on body

      signs or braille

     • development of mobility - we can work with families on regular mobility sessions

       in your local area

     • use of tactile skills to develop your developing child's exploration of his/her world

You and your child will be supported by our team of specialists including teachers for Hearing Needs and Vision Needs, Trained Intervener, Mobility Officers, Family Support worker, Hearing Technicians and Resource Technicians. We run regular groups and events for families and their sensory impaired child and families. We also work closely alongside other professionals and therapists as part of a multi agency team e.g. SENSE

Children and young people with MSI attend a variety of educational settings and we help to provide training for Teachers and TA's in Early Years, Mainstream and Specialist provision schools.


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