Mobility and Habilitation

Vision Needs - Mobility and Habilitation


An Habilitation Officer works with your child to maximise their independence. 

We work with children from pre-school at home, nursery, primary and secondary school through to transition to 6th form and college.  We work in both mainstream and specialschool settings.  Our Habilitation Officers work throughout the year.


The type of work we do:

Body Awareness: we encourage the development of early motor skills and a child's understanding of his/her body and how it moves.  This is generally done through active play sessions.


Orientation and Mobility: we work closely with your child, family, carers and school to maximise your child's independence, this might range from advice to schools on making their school VI friendly to teaching your child long cane skills.  Each child is assessed individually both at home and in school. If necessary, a mobility programme will be designed to maximise your child's independence.  This could range from learning the route to school, advice in PE or gaining confidence in the local community.


Life Skills: we work with families at home and staff in school to encourage the development of everyday skills that promote independence.  This can be learning to make a drink, shopping for and cooking a meal to learning to participate in household tasks at home.


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