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The Lancasterian Independence Development Service (I.D.S) is a resource, which offers a unique opportunity for children with disabilities, who meet the I.D.S referral criteria to develop their life and social skills

It is based at the Abraham Moss Centre, Crumpsall in a large homely bungalow, with adapted flat attached.  It can accommodate up to 6 students on planned placements each half school term.


The I.D.S is a realistic setting where students work on skills leading to greater physical, personal, emotional and social development through practical experience. Students come to the I.D.S after school between Monday - Thursday and attend their own school as normal. We do not open at weekends.


Every Child Matters is at the heart of everything at the I.D.S. 


Students are encouraged and guided to achieve their full potential by practicing skills in both a home environment and out in the community. 


Cooking, laundry, and other domestic skills are practiced in our bungalow and flat along with personal care, appearance and skills to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. 


Shopping, road safety, money, using public transport and organising social activities such as bowling or cinema, enable students to practice social and economic skills in the community. 


Teaching students to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations (out and about, on social networking sites, within friendships and relationships) is also an important part of being at the I.D.S.


At the I.D.S we believe every student has the right to control his or her own life and the right to share in the opportunities, enjoyment, challenges and responsibilities of everyday living.


If you think a child would benefit from a placement at the I.D.S, or you would like to arrange to visit, contact us directly on 0161 795 1303 or email Steve Lord at s.lord@lancasterian.manchester.sch.uk

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