IT and Resources


The main focus of work in this area of the Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS) is the preparation of accessible material, created for students to use to enable access to the curriculum in all educational settings.


Accessibility covers a wide range of formats for the student to use such as:


Modified Large Print - enlarged text reading books and study books/sheets

Braille - readable raised dots for the severely visually impaired

Tactile Learning - texture and shape discrimination, raised pictures/diagrams

3D learning - tactile books with objects of reference

Audio materials - Daisy books, *Audio books/description

Electronic access - Enlarging software, equipment and peripherals

Assistive Technology - Large key keyboards, adapted mice, pressure switches etc.


*Audio books: an audiobook is a recording of a text being read out of a book that is in print format.  Most libraries stock a good range of audio books.

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