What is the Independence Development Service (IDS)?


A resource primarily for children and young people with disabilities aged 9+ who attend a school in Manchester, live within the City Boundary and meet our Referral Criteria.  Through planned placements, The I.D.S offers children and young people the opportunity to build their skills and confidence to become independent in everyday living.


A wide range of skills are developed including personal safety, budgeting, road safety, domestic and social skills; all taught through practical experience with the aim of enabling all young people who spend time at the I.D.S to become active members of society.


However, we are not a respite facility.


What people say about us


“IDS gives me lots of freedom to learn.  I have learnt how to be independent using buses and trams. As well as how to be safe out and about.”  (Student)


“IDS insight and knowledge of students has been invaluable.  We could not have pushed the students as far without IDS’ support and involvement.  Staff go above and beyond their call of duty.  This is why IDS is a huge success.”  (School)


“My daughter enjoyed the course, learnt many new skills and is far more confident.  I cannot praise the staff enough.”  (Parent)


“At IDS you learn how to be safe out and about.”  (Student)


“IDS had an invaluable impact that has continued to this day.  They taught and gave me the confidence to have the skills to live independently as a disabled adult.  This service is one of a kind.”  (Student)


“All students who attend the IDS gain confidence and independence.” (School)


“The IDS is really good because they make you more independent and they let you cook your own meals.”  (Student)    


“They are encouraging her to be more independent in a very meaningful way. Most important, they have made me aware of things I should be doing to make her more independent.“  (Parent)

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