Hearing Needs Support

Hearing Needs

Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS) Hearing Needs Team supports hearing impaired children and their families across the city of Manchester. The team is made up of Qualified Teachers of the Deaf (TOD), an Educational Audiologist, specialist Teaching Assistants (TA), a Family Support worker and Hearing Technicians.

We also have IT/Data Resource Officers. The team has a senior manager and lead teachers for the following areas:

Preschool 0-3years
Primary 3-11years
Secondary 11-16+years
MSI/Complex needs
Educational Audiology

Our service provides organised events during the school day, after school and in the school holidays, which create opportunities for children with Hearing Needs to meet.

• The MSSS receives alerts from the community audiologist clinics across Manchester.
• These then trigger an automatic referral to the service.
• If you, or anyone working with your child has a concern regarding your child's hearing, please contact your GP in the first instance.

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