The role of the educational audiologist is to work with health, school and families to provide and share information. Ensuring that hearing equipment is used effectively and to answer questions about the implications of hearing loss on listening and language development.


The educational audiologist will:


  • Regularly attend and participate in audiology clinics in North, Central and South Manchester.



  • Answer questions and interpret audiological information.



  • Support families to understand their child's hearing loss.



  • Advise on the effective use of personal hearing aids.



  • Provide advice and training to a range of professionals including teachers, teaching assistants, school nurses, sports coaching staff and swimming teachers.



  • Carry out listening assessments in the school setting.



  • Advise on good listening conditions within the school environment.



  • Collaborate with teachers of the deaf to monitor listening skills and assess children's progress.



  • Work closely with a wide range of professionals within health and education.



  • Provide teachers of the deaf and other colleagues with updates in technology, training and research.

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