About IDS


The IDS believes every young person has the right to control his or her own life and the right to share in the opportunities, enjoyment, challenges and responsibilities of everyday living.

The ethos for young people who come to stay at the IDS is to:

  • Promote their independence 
  • Encourage them to practise and experience skills 
  • Build their self-confidence
  • Encourage them to keep healthy and safe
  • Encourage them to assess their own capabilities
  • Set themselves realistic goals
  • Prepare them to be fully active members of society
  • Ensure that each young person feels safe and happy and enjoys what       they are trying to achieve


The IDS offers a skills programme individually tailored to meet the needs of each young person. 

Working in partnership with the young person, their family, school and other professionals is vital to the level of progress they can achieve. Prior to placements, staff gather information to ensure their safety and well-being when they come to IDS.


Outreach work in the young person's home community is also carried out:

  • to build relationships
  • to assess their skills levels
  • to reassure them and their families
  • to monitor and maintain skills levels

 Families are required to support the skills programme by practising and continuing the skills at home and are encouraged to visit IDS during the referral process.

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